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Los Angeles

Thomas Hampton Reviews SECOND

“We are just real people making real mistakes.”

Photo Credit Joe LaRue

At it’s heart, SECOND is a post 911 redemption song.  It asks if belief can heal us out of our time of grief, and wonders if we are ready to be reborn.  Most importantly, are we able to recognize and move past our own sins as a more open, honest, loving society?

The Filament Theatre Company’s ensemble cast displays fantastically controlled, realistic performances that play well in person, or on the live video feeds that show you the action in the rooms you are not seated in.

The action takes place in three rooms of a lovely Echo Park home, and the set up creates a fabulously intimate venue.  Be forewarned, the only seating is on cushioned benches without backs.  While the run time is only 90 minutes, if you have back issues, I recommend bringing your own folding chair.  Some of the sound cues can also be a bit loud.  If you have sensitive ears, sit away from the large speakers that play the audio feed from other rooms.

I wonder if an LA audience is as keen to experience this as a group of New Yorkers would be…  Unfortunately, Neal Utterback’s script, while able to toy with the ways that a secular society accepts, understands, and incorporates miracles in to their personal belief structures, struggles to sink its hook in to the cheek of the audience.

SECOND asks each of its characters to rationalize the unbelievable.  Some will attempt to begin life anew, and start fresh in the hopes of creating a better future.  Others will self destruct and fall victim to delusions of immortality.  But the most important choice that the audience can make lays outside of the theater, after the show.  Will we be able to come together to work towards a communal utopia as good neighbors and citizens?  Or will we fall deeper in to our own whirlpools of greed and isolation, seeking redemption from a golden calf, or whatever false idol we choose to worship.

Thematic content includes:  Redemption, Love, Adultery, Sex, Violence, Self Destruction, Singing, Humor.

SECOND runs 5/6 to 5/29
Th, F, Sa (and W 19th & 26th) 8pm  $20
Map of Laveta Villa
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